Iranian soldiers sit atop their tanks in an Iranian border province next to Afghanistan, Oct. 1, 1998. — Reuters

When US President Joe Biden announced earlier this year that he intended to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan by 11 September 2021, international observers warned that it could have serious regional consequences.

Recent events confirm these fears. Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse, with various European intelligence services predicting…

Members of the “ISIS Hunters” groups in the Syrian Badia. These groups later formed the group/company “Al Sayyad” for guarding and protection services. These groups are also involved in recruiting fighters for Libya.

In February this year, after five months of negotiations, a new transitional government was formed in Libya during UN-led talks in Geneva.

The breakthrough came following a formal truce in October, with the Government of National Unity tasked with unifying Libya’s institutions, preparing for elections, and reconstructing the country after…

Ruslan Trad

Author:; PMCs, Syria, security, conflicts. Co-founder of De Re Militari journal.

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